Our Ambassador Herd

What is an Ambassador animal?

An animal ambassador is an individual of a species - often a tame or habituated animal that lives permanently at a rehabilitation center or zoo - that is used to educate the public about the species. The Association of Zoos & Aquariums defines an ambassador animal as "an animal whose role includes handling and/or training by staff or volunteers for interaction with the public and in support of institutional education and conservation goals."

Our goal for our ambassador herd is to help educate the public about the Bureau of Land Management, HMAs, and the history of wild mustangs. We use our mustangs for our volunteer program, theraputic programs and other community programs. 


Our Whiskey girl! She is our sweet old soul mustang. She was brought in by the BLM in Ridgecrest and brought to American Legend Mustang on July 20th 2019 and she is part of are ambassador herd ponies. She’s 4 years old and has an amazing demeanor and personality. She is training to be an excellent trail horse and she has her forever home as one of our ambassador horses at ALM.