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Meet The American Legend Mustang Team


Shane Harris

Founder & Ranch Owner

Shane Harris moved to River Rock Ranch in 2014. In 2016 his dad told him about the wild mustangs that the BLM were managing and that he could purchase them. He thought "what would he do with a wild mustang?!" but that question later evolved into what American Legend Mustang stands for. "We do our part for wild mustang horses and burros. Each with a purpose to become a great trail horse, companion and we help find their forever home"


Aaron Harris

Marketing & Program Coordinator

Aaron Harris moved to Ojai in 2018 and heard about wild mustangs through his dad, Shane. With their love for animals wild and tame Shane and Aaron partnered with Bruce to create American Legend Mustang. During the 2020 pandemic with Bureau of Land Management shut down Aaron took time away from the ranch and went to school for film. Fast forward to 2022 with the ranch booming with renovations and building a new foundation Shane and Aaron are ready to bring American Legend Mustang to the forefront!

Samantha Record

Wild Mustang & Horse Trainer - Internship Coordinator

Originally from Bakersfield, CA. She moved to Mountain Grove, Missouri when she was 5. She started working with horses at 7 year old. Her first horse she rode was a 18.5 hand Percheron. Her grandparents saw her passion for horses and had her take riding lessons. When she was 9 years old, Samantha worked with a halflinger mixed with AQH named Crystal. In October for 2019 she participated in American Mustang Training Challenge in Norco, California with BLM Mustang Valkyrie. Her goals for working with ALM is to further her equine career, training of wild mustang horses, enter and compete in Mustang Makeovers and has an interest in Equine Therapy, among other equine opportunities.


Bruce Siben

Horsemanship Teacher

Bruce Siben arrived in the Ojai Valley in 1995 and had an interest in horses and mules. His background trade was a finish carpenter. He befriended the late Tony Alvis a well known horse guide and gave tours into the Sespe Wilderness. Bruce was influenced so much by Tony that he began his own endeavour into the horse world. Determined with his new found passion of training and learning horse behavior he came to River Rock Ranch formally Collins Ranch in 1999 with his first animal, a mule. A horse boarder named Jood Lee who was a student of Ray Hunt introduced new ideas and teachings on horse behavior. Later in 2001 he got his first freeze branded mustang. In 2004 Steve Bosworth visited River Rock Ranch who was a talented Perrelli Advocate of his teachings taught Bruce more ways of training and insight to horses. Bruce discovered the work of Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling who was his final motivator in the direction he was going with his horsemanship and way of life.

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