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Wild Mustang Training Program 2020

American Legend Mustang presents our 2nd annual Wild Mustang Training Program 2020

You will have a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn how to train a wild mustang in a safe, fun, and educational environment. Work one on one with a wild mustang brought in from the Bureau of Land Management. Through 15 weeks of dedication, responsibility, and training you get a one of a kind experience at what it takes to tame a true American Legend. Special Guests and Mentors will be giving tips and tricks throughout the structured program itinerary.

In the Wild Mustang Training Program you will learn skills focused in Natural Horsemanship, groundwork, halter training, saddling, horse care, and presentation. This program also offers therapeutic benefits aimed in areas of confidence, responsibility, self awareness, independence, and assertiveness. Weekends will be designated for members to enjoy their summer, go on group outings and also have the unique experience to participate in special workshops with professional horse trainers! 

To be accepted into this training program please write a 500 word essay on why you believe attending this program is going to be a great experience and what you hope to learn. Other requirements include agreement to a phone assessment interview, 3 Equine References, a 5 minute video on groundwork, walking, leading, haltering, hooves, saddling, and if possible riding criteria includes walking, trotting, backup, and loping.

Once you've heard back we will continue with verifying your arrival for May 1, 2020 and living situation. Members must be 18 years or older and have 2 or more years experience with horses. This program is full time Monday through Friday 8:00AM to 4:30 PM including breaks. There is a placement membership fee for this program of $1,500 for the full 15 week program. This program offers rent free housing, free professional instructed workshops, lounge room/laundry room/kitchen area. Program members are responsible for providing their own food.


  • Must be 18 years or older with 2 or more years of horse experience.

  • 3 Equine References

  • Submit a 500 word essay on why you believe attending this program is going to be a great experience, and what you hope to learn.

  • 5 minute video on groundwork, walking, leading, haltering, hooves, saddling, (IF POSSIBLE also include riding criteria for riding includes walking, trotting, backup, loping in round pen)

  • Phone Assessment interview


To submit all requirements or questions CLICK HERE. Please give us 5 to 10 business days to hear back with response after reviewing applications.

  • DEADLINE for all program requirements is January 1st 2020 - NO EXCEPTIONS

  • Program Acceptance will be issued February 1, 2020

  • Arrival time for program will be May 1,2020 

  • Program Start date is May 4, 2020 

  • Program End date is August 16, 2020

**If you are out of country we can help with work visas for the program if given us proper guidelines and instructions**

Membership payment of $1,500 accepted via venmo, zelle, check, or paypal.


(For W.M.T.P Trainer Weekly Schedule CLICK HERE)

Wild Mustang Training Program 2020: About Us
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