Super Dave Horsemanship

Mustang Starting and Horse Training, One on One Lessons, Group Workshops, and much more with Samantha Record!

Why Super Dave?! Samantha Record got the name "Super Dave" from horse trainer and cowboy Robert Hayley. "Super Dave" derived from the TV Show Jackass's Dave England who is known for his crazy stunts and extreme bravery. Like Super Dave, Samantha is known for her bravery, taking on horses with attitude, wild mustang horses, and green broke horses. With her ability of having a calm demeanor, patience, and incredible passion for what she does she can turn any horse and mustang into a loving, trail riding, cow sorting, cuddle bug. For scheduling contact directly to her below or visit her facebook page!! 

  • $75 per hour//One on One Lesson

    - During this one hour lesson you will learn groundwork, basic horse care, horsemanship and gain hands on experience.

  • $800 per month//Horse Training & Mustang Starting

    - will learn groundwork, hoof training for farrier services, trailer training, halter/lead rope training, basic saddling, (riding if applicable and wanted) 

**Plus $270 to $300 goes to ranch for boarding at facility (Click here for boarding details)**